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Aaron Basha, whose flagship store is located on Madison Avenue in New York City, is a luxury jewelry brand known for its unconventional designs. Most celebrated for their famous jeweled Baby Shoe pendants, Aaron Basha fine jewelry brings style and elegance to every creation, while consistently following its trademark theme to "Forever Young."

Originally conceived to celebrate the birth of the founder's first grandchild, the Baby Shoe Collection established the company's identity as the industry leader in innovation, style and creativity. Today the company offers a wide range of styles, expressive of love, family joy, good luck, the youthful innocence and optimism. Its Ladybug designs are sparkling emblems of luck, while its Evil Eye amulets serve as protection against harm, and tis Aliens and Monsters are still another cozy rendition meant to disarm childhood boogeymen.

Drawing inspiration from notions of love, life, and family and the guiding philosophy, "Everyday should be a holiday to celebrate life," Aaron Basha, patriarch and namesake of the luxury jewelry brand, has translated his joie de vivre into each creation. All of the designs, delicately handcrafted in Italy, possess their own unique personality and are symbolic of a lifestyle.

Whimsical and sweet, the Aaron Basha designs have captured many hearts, with such high-profile clientele as Hollywood celebrities, international royalty, as well as many influential members of the fashion industry. Celebrities who wear Aaron Basha designs consider themselves "a child at heart."