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Kansas City native Brady Legler began designing jewelry at age 19 based on inspiration provided by his Italian grandmother, Lou (who he called Nana). A fashion model from the 1940s - ’60s, Lou was opinionated when it came to personal style, and she would share advice with Legler as he developed his own aesthetic.

There’s no question that Lou’s input proved valuable. Now just 24 -- and a student at New York’s Parsons the New School for Design -- Legler is a prolific painter and designer of area rugs, and, of course, jewelry as well. His work has graced the pages of Elle Décor and Modern magazines, as well as the Robb Report, a well-known publication distributed to insiders of the jewelry industry.

In spring 2014, TIVOL began carrying Legler’s 18K yellow gold and diamond jewelry collection.

“I can’t even count the times that I’ve mentioned I’m from Kansas City while shopping on New York’s Fifth Avenue or in the Diamond District, and someone will ask, ‘are you represented in TIVOL in Kansas City?’” says Legler. “Until now, I always had to answer, ‘I wish.’ Now, to get the approval of Cathy Tivol – knowing the high standards that she sets for jewelry design – is the highest compliment I could get.”

Indeed, Legler has received his share of praise. In December 2010, while still in his second year at Parsons, he was featured in The New York Times, which covered his brightly colored abstract paintings. In the years since, he has been approached by some of the world’s top retailers, but he always held out in order to launch his first fine jewelry collection at TIVOL. Now that he’s achieved his goal, Legler plans another launch with a retailer in Florence, Italy.

“My jewelry embodies the same principles as my Nana’s fashion philosophy,” Brady says. “I like to think of my designs as elegant, smart and always sophisticated. I want my customer to buy with longevity in mind.”