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First inspired by the sparkling treasures in her grandmother's jewelry box, Penny Preville has emerged as an award-winning jewelry designer, whose signature style is defined by femininity, luxury and an eye for intricate detail. Preville studied art, design and jewelry making from an early age through college and soon began selling signature designed jewelry that would come to be her namesake collection. Fusing old world techniques and details with a contemporary sensibility, Preville's collections strike a balance between elegance, fashion, innovation and wearability.

“I am influenced by fashion and culture, but I also believe in continuity. A designer should remain true to their style,” she explains. “I am constantly refining the collection and re-evaluating the customer’s needs. It’s fun! But the challenge is to keep pushing one step ahead of what women want. Jewelry is very personal and individual to the wearer. My goal is to keep designing pieces that will make a woman look and feel fabulous.”