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Ron Hami was born in Israel and moved to Los Angeles, California when he was three years old. Growing up he would visit his father at work where he saw beautiful pieces of jewelry and diamonds that later triggered his creativity for design. In the early nineties Ron decided that he would begin formal training in design. He began assisting designers in the fashion world and created trim that would finish the garments for various fashion houses. His passion and creativity grew with each project. The dream to create, came to an abrupt halt in 1993 when Ron received the most devastating news. His father had been killed on a diamond selling trip. With time away, and some years learning the diamond business, the urge to create was calling and Ron began designing for a fine jewelry house. The real passion began in 2002-2003 when Ron created the Joseph Hami Karma Collection as a tribute to his father.

Ron Hami designs are inspired by fashion, and life. The aesthetic of the brand has always been clean and simple. His pieces have become instantly recognizable for their clean, modern styles and play on geometry. The carving texture that is found throughout most of the pieces are a warm contrast that adds depth to the sexy and playful designs. Ron Hami jewelry offers women the sense of individuality and empowerment so they feel proud and beautiful adorned in his pieces, and they transcend from day to evening effortlessly. More importantly she is confident and a trend setter. �There is no bigger thrill than to see a woman wear one of our pieces and see a transformation in their attitude and look.�