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The House of Schoeffel was founded by Wilhelm Schoeffel in 1921 as a pearl trading business. Now in its fourth generation, the family-owned company has succeeded in attaining a position of international importance in the exquisite pearls market.

The company's success story is based on a passion for beauty and quality, which inspires women's enthusiasm for the inimitable style of Schoeffel. With enthusiastic people, exquisite creations and a commitment to excellence that has spanned a century, Schoeffel is writing the next chapter in the world of luxury. Schoeffel acquires its pearls from exotic locations such as northwest Australia, in an inhospitable coastal region called The Kimberley, which offers the ideal prerequisites for pearl farming. There is no environmental pollution here - and the tides keep the seabed clean and provide plenty of oxygen and plankton. This area is home to giant silver-lipped pearl oysters that produce the magnificent South Sea pearl.