Father's Day is when we thank fathers for their contributions to our families and our society.

Father's Day's origins go back to medieval Catholic Europe, but today, Father's Day is a secular holiday on which we take the time to honor fathers. Fathers come in all shapes and sizes, all styles and forms. Some families these days even have two fathers to honor on Father's Day, which means double the celebration! Really, the most important thing on Father's Day is taking time out of your day to make sure your father knows you're thinking about him and all the things he's done for you over the years.

Father's Day ShoppingEveryone thinks of something different when they think of what their father means to them. Maybe you think of him teaching you how to ride a bike, throw a baseball, or mow the lawn. Maybe he encouraged you when you took that heavy college course load while getting your MBA. Maybe he gave you good advice about the boy or the girl you were infatuated with… and regardless of the outcome, he was probably right, right? And even if your father isn't the man who gave you life, he's the one who's proud of your accomplishments and stands by you whatever comes your way.

Father's Day is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate Dad, and the best way to do that is with your time. Take him to dinner at his favorite restaurant, no matter if it's haute cuisine or the best barbecue joint in downtown Kansas City. Watch his favorite movie with him, even if you've seen it a thousand times and know all the lines by heart.

You can also do something to show him you pay attention to him and his hobbies—perhaps a Craft Beer of the Month Club or a box of dry rubs to perk up his backyard grilling would be the perfect treat. You could also get him something that will last a bit longer—something really special, like a fine wristwatch, or another piece of men's jewelry.

Watch for Father's DayThere's no better time than Father's Day to get your father something he can wear for the rest of his life—something extraordinary that will be a constant and eternal reminder of your regard for him. Jewelry shopping for Dad is most likely a bit more difficult than for Mom—men tend to wear less jewelry, and fewer types of jewelry—but a luxury timepiece or a set of elegant cufflinks will always be at home in his dresser.

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Whatever your father's personal style, be it sporty, nautical, or classically elegant, you will find something he'll love when you come in.

If you wish to have your selection engraved, TIVOL's jewelers will be happy to do so. A short message of appreciation, or even just his name or monogram, will show you put the extra effort into making him feel special on his special day.

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