At Home with the TIVOL Team - Part 2

We know it has been tricky to stay busy when you're stuck at home, so we wanted to keep sharing what our TIVOL family has been up to while they've been sheltering in place. Maybe it will spark an idea for something your family can do, whether it is trying a new recipe, a fun activity with the kids, or watching a re-run of the big game!

Check out what our team has been doing to have fun and stay active!

At home with Gary Pener - 

It's pretty funny, right when the stay at home order started, my wife Vickie and I had a Saturday night date night. We went to Walmart and picked up Jalapenos to go! It was nice to get out, and Jalapenos is great!

We haven't gotten to see our kids in a while, but we talk and text everyday. Vickie and I actually had to buy a new X-Box so we could play Madden against the kids online!! And yes... I always get to be Patrick Mahomes!!

We have had two or three cul-de sac-dinners. It's fun, but pretty weird. We all sit in our driveways, in our folding chairs and holler at each other from a safe distance. We all cook and eat our own food and stay way more than six feet apart. But at least we get to hang out with each other.

Vickie has been cooking a lot... and me? I have not been. But she is great at her special homemade lasagna, fettuccine alfredo, and home made macaroni and cheese. She also made a white chicken chili!!! It's all pretty tasty!!

When it is nice outside, we get to play basketball in the backyard and walk the puppies, Frank, Lola and Tigerlily. When the weather isn't great, we are enjoying Netflix. We love Ozark and Stranger Things!

We did watch game 5 of the 2015 world series when the Royals beat the Mets as well as the Super Bowl. It is fun to re-live those moments. We tried to find the game where Mizzou won the national championship, but nobody has shown it yet!!! Here's hoping that comes up soon. You know I need my sports!

Hope is everyone is doing well and staying safe!

At home with Dominic Quintero - 

My family is doing great and having some fun - making the best out of the current situation. In an effort to keep and maintain strong, healthy lungs, we are doing a lot of bike riding and running. When the weather doesn’t cooperate we do what we can inside. We try biking on the trainer and working out on the elliptical machine. The girls are home schooling, so we are getting used to the video conferencing, which has been great. The girls still get to see their classmates and enjoy some time to be social.

We are catching up on some movies and a few TV shows. A new show my wife, Krystal, and I are watching is “Nate and Jeremiah Save My House".  They are a riot, and it is definitely worth checking out!

In an effort to stay connected with friends and family we are doing a lot of FaceTime calling (even just random hellos). These are some difficult times, but “this too shall pass”, and so, we have to stick together.


At home with Denise Baker -

We have been exercising and working from home daily. I have been walking our dog, Theo and doing driveway exercises with my neighbor. Each of us does the workout from our respective driveways. Crazy stuff!

The kids have been talking and hanging out from safe distances. It is nice they are able to socialize safely!

Most of my recipes have been dubbed “yuck pot.” They contain a protein, vegetable and usually tomato sauce over rice or pasta. I’m told the plate presentation is questionable, but we’re eating healthy and enjoying family meals.

I am embarrassed to say we finished Tiger King in a couple of days, and now we are all caught up on Schitt’s Creek. We love shows that make us laugh!

When this is all over we will emerge with a greater appreciation for everything that we have been taking for granted, including each other.


At home with Kate Berry -

Jacob and I have been staying busy. We have been going on long walks with our dog, Tasha, and starting house projects that we didn’t have time for before. I have been cooking a lot, and trying new recipes—one that we have loved is a healthy version of Chicken Parmesan. The recipe is awesome. You can try it here.

We try to always have a cup of coffee together in the morning before getting our day started with work. With the weather being so nice we find a way to be outside and enjoy our patio, whether it is eating lunch together or sipping a cocktail during 'Happy Hour'. With everything going on, it is nice to spend time with my little family and remember what really is important!


From our TIVOL family to yours... We hope you are staying safe and healthy, and finding fun things to do at home. We cannot wait until we see you all again!

- The TIVOL Team