Behind the Scenes | The TIVOL Executive Team

As a small family owned, and truly family operated, business, TIVOL's company culture is all because of our Executive Team. They are in the store every day, and involved with all aspects of the business, supporting the different departments however they can.

"There is so much experience and knowledge of our industry with these leaders. Combine that with a supportive and encouraging attitude toward every team member, makes each of them a real pleasure. Throw in a great sense of humor, and TIVOL is a perfect place to thrive!" - Ward Manes, Buyer and at TIVOL for over 15 years!

Inventory associate Cindy Rowatt has been at TIVOL for 21 years and states, "I think the longevity of so many of us speaks for itself. The leadership at TIVOL is wonderful."

Executive Team of TIVOL, Hunter McGrath, Cathy Tivol Maslan, Brian Butler, Briana Ross

2020 brought a variety of challenges to small businesses in Kansas City, but the leadership at TIVOL were quick to adapt to the needs of the business and the staff. "The leadership at TIVOL is one of the reasons this company has been able endure the test of time. They have each done a multitude of different jobs in the company over the years. They are all ready to step up wherever needed," Denise Baker - 21 years at TIVOL.

Strong as ever, TIVOL maintains our tradition of offering the world's most beautiful jewelry and timepieces in a variety of price ranges. This will always be at the core of our mission.

Cathy Tivol Maslan CEO of TIVOL

Cathy Tivol - Chief Executive Officer

When I began working here over 40 years ago (I can’t believe I’m saying that), my Dad gave me several tenets. First, always tell the truth, even if it means admitting we did something wrong; and don’t give an answer to a question unless you’re sure of the answer. Most importantly, listen to the customer. There was one time I can recall that I didn’t listen to my customer. The gentleman told me he wanted to spend $10,000 on a wedding ring upgrade for his wife. This was a man who was well known in the community and quite wealthy, and I continued to show him rings out of his requested price range. What a VERY good lesson for me, because he left without buying anything. A hard lesson, but a good one. I’m a much more respectful listener now.

"The thing that stands out about Cathy is that she is here day in and day out. She has an incredible work ethic, and sets a great example for our staff." Gary Pener - over 20 years at TIVOL.

Brian Butler President of TIVOL 2020

Brian Butler - President

It has truly been an honor to spend the last 20+ years here at TIVOL. I am proud to be a part of a family owned business that treats every employee as one of their own. 2020 has been a year of change and a uncertainty, but we have been able to adapt quickly to keep our customers and employees as our top priority! Many of us at TIVOL have worked together for years, have watched our kids grow up together and have shared life's special moments with one another. 

I have learned so many things over the years, especially from Harold Tivol. He was an incredible mentor and role model for us all. His emphasis on customer service and quality was second to none. We still strive everyday to uphold the standards Harold set for TIVOL, while maintaining his sense of humor and fun.

Above all, our staff is what makes TIVOL a great place to be. We all work together, each person or department being a valuable piece to the overall picture. We couldn't do what we do without everyone here! I'm grateful to be a part of such an amazing team. Gary Pener says, "Brian and I have worked together for years, we've watched our kids grow up together. It has been wonderful!"

Hunter Tivol McGrath Vice President of TIVOL 2020
Hunter Tivol McGrath - Vice President

It is truly a blessing to be involved in such a longstanding family business as TIVOL. Our community has supported us for generations, and hopefully for generations more. We have some of the best people in the world working here, and it has never been more apparent than trying to run a business through a pandemic. Our people treat TIVOL like it is their own family, and everyone has stepped up to take on more and help us work through it. As we look forward to the coming years, we could not be in a better place.

Plaza Store Manager, Gary Pener says, "Working with Hunter is always pretty lively! I feel bad though, because I’m pretty sure I turned him into a Starbucks addict. We have a great time working together!"

"Hunter amazes me when he sounds just like his grandfather, Harold, especially with his humor!" - Lisa Lyddon

Briana Ross CFO of TIVOL 2020
Briana Ross - Chief Financial Officer

As the CFO, I’ve always said that "I’d rather count diamonds than just be a bean counter!" I feel incredibly lucky to have worked at TIVOL for the past 25 years. We have such a wonderful staff that truly operates like a team or even a family.  I would have to say that the best part of working for a 110 year-old family owned business is knowing every client who comes in is buying a gift for a loved one, or rewarding themselves for a job well done. Every piece sold is meaningful to the person making the purchase.  I hope TIVOL and our team will always remain humbled that every client who has decided to spend their hard earned money with us will walk away feeling they’ve received both monetary and emotional value for their purchase. I hope they can enjoy the merchandise, and one day pass down to a loved one. 

Over the years we have seen many changes in the jewelry industry, but there is always a constant, the beauty of it all. Harold Tivol taught me about his great passion for the ‘natural beauty of nature’ in the jewelry. He was a great role model and leader. We all learned so much from him. 

This year has been especially interesting with COVID-19 and the madness that is 2020. The world is constantly changing around us, but being a part of a family owned business we are able to make adjustments to position ourselves and adapt to the new normal very quickly. (And a pair of diamond stud earrings always look fabulous with a mask!) Gary Pener says, "Briana never stops working, even from home. She is there to help day or night. She's a pleasure to work with!"


"Working with these 4 has been amazing. They always take care of the staff, especially this year, and treat each one of us like family!"- Lisa Lyddon, Assistant Store Manager and  at TIVOL for over a decade.

From all of us at TIVOL, we thank our executive team for their incredible leadership over the years, but especially in 2020! With the uncertainty that this year brought, TIVOL never wavered and all of us are grateful! Here's to many wonderful years ahead!