Brand New Summer Styles!

Now that Summer is here, we are ready to show off our new summer styles. This summer we have new designs from our favorite designers like Marco Bicego, Mariani and Robert Procop. Every piece is so unique and beautiful.

We are proud to also welcome Annamaria Cammilli back to TIVOL this summer! See a sneak peak of what is to come below!

Check out just a few of the new pieces from some of our favorite designers!


Founded in 1878, the house of MARIANI is a point of reference in Italy for its extraordinary originality and beautiful creations. Their first jewels were created over 140 years ago and since those distant times, MARIANI has nurtured the success of its jewelry pieces within the family. 

This 18K white gold and diamond necklace can be worn long, or doubled to create a beautiful layered look. The ombre style of the white gold into the blackened white gold is one of a kind!

You can try on this stunning piece at our Country Club Plaza location, or check it out online, here.

For a more classic look, this 18K yellow gold necklace features a delicate design with round geometric and floral diamond stations. This diamond necklace is perfect for an everyday look, but would also add an elegant touch to any formal occasion.

This 18K blackened white gold necklace from MARIANI, features delicate diamond floral stations along the chain. It is definitely the bold alternative to the yellow gold necklace above. Check it out here!

Robert Procop

At an early age, Robert Procop found himself captivated by the most mysterious and coveted of all jewels – the diamond – inspiring a lifelong passion, which has seen him explore the globe in pursuit of the rarest gemstones. His designs are full of color and creativity! 

This delicate platinum necklace designed by Robert Procop is part of the De La Vie collection. It features a feminine design with blue sapphires, pink sapphires, and diamonds. The De La Vie collection features a design that mimics gentle raindrops floating through the air, giving life and color to the earth below, so do the tear shape gemstones give a world of color and exuberance to the magnificent focal points they surround.

Robert Procop designed the earrings and ring as part of the Masterpiece Collection. This pair features platinum and yellow gold throughout to help the different stones shine. The Masterpiece Collection is Robert Procop's supreme artistic achievement. It combines the artistry of design with the extraordinary skills of their multi-talented master craftsmen.

This one of a kind orange and pink sapphire bracelet with diamonds is another gorgeous piece of jewelry from Robert Procop's Masterpiece collection. The collection reflects their continuing effort to make every piece unique and passion to create jewels that collectors will treasure as the true masterpiece that they are.

Marco Bicego

Since 2000 Marco has incorporated the traditions and virtues passed down from his father to create jewelry that embodies the luxury of Italian craftsmanship and contemporary design.

Every piece of Marco Bicego jewelry is handcrafted in their Trissino headquarters in the Veneto region of Northern Italy.

This 18K yellow gold and diamond multi-strand bracelet comes from the Masai Collection, which is inspired by the ornaments typical of the African Masai tribe. Each piece carefully adapts to the curves of the body, allowing styles to be worn alone or stacked.

This 18K white gold and diamond necklace is part of the Lunaria Collection which is inspired by the delicate shape of the Lunaria flower. This Lunaria Diamond Necklace is hand hammered and hand engraved by Italian artisans.

This 18K yellow gold necklace is from the Africa Collection, inspired by tribal jewelry and the soft dunes of the Sahara. This Africa Gold Necklace is hand engraved by Italian artisans.


Annamaria Cammilli

Innovation, creativity and craftsmanship are the key words that define Annamaria Cammilli, a brand that keeps renewing itself for 35 years but never betrays its essence.

The rings above are from the Dune Collection. The irregular curves replicate the dynamism of desert dunes enhanced by precious diamonds set in between soft motion effects. Precious alternating matte gold in the depths and glossy gold on the thin and irregular golden edges are characteristic of the collection and give depth to the jewel.

The stunning pieces in the Sultana Collection combines shape and color effects, the gently smoothed interiors of the undulating curves confer great depth to every single jewel of this collection. The Sultana collection is designed for women of class fascinated by elegant jewelry.

Come see these stunning designs and more at TIVOL. With so many new designs, everyone is sure to find a piece of jewelry to fit their style and personality!