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In 2006, a dedicated group of Kansas Citians cheered when the ribbon was cut and Cristo Rey Kansas City opened its doors to the inaugural class of students. Their long held dream was to bring ambitious academics and workforce training to bright and highly motivated young people in our community. And they did. Now in its 14th year, Cristo Rey is returning to Kansas City’s workforce homegrown talent trained by homegrown businesses.

Three critical things gave the founders of Cristo Rey the courage to begin this venture: faith, the guidance of the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth, and the support of committed people across the metro.

TIVOL have partnered with Cristo Rey Kansas City for over 10 years. We are so proud to employ their work study students. They often come in as freshman, a bit shy, but so eager to learn. The students learn all aspects of our business from cleaning jewelry to inventory and sometimes even marketing! It is such a pleasure watching them grow over the four years they are in school. We see them gain confidence and maturity. They are ready to conquer the world when they graduate. In fact, TIVOL even employs two of our Cristo Rey alum. We just couldn't let them go!
The Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) functions like a temporary employment agency. Teams of four students fill a full-time entry-level position, with each student working five days per month. A longer school day and school year ensures that students do not miss instructional time while at work. 
Working to learn and learning to work is the cornerstone philosophy of the Cristo Rey Kansas City Corporate Work Study Program. The model gives Kansas City’s future work force a private, Catholic college-prep education and valuable work-experience in blue-ribbon companies.
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Meet Fabricio! Fabricio invests in his future every day. In class at Cristo Rey and on the job at TIVOL, he has learned that hard work gets results. The school’s blend of college and career prep is an investment that pays dividends for the right students. In class, Fabricio isn't afraid of asking questions or staying after the bell rings for clarifications.

The work study environment at TIVOL inspires confidence and the sure knowledge that he is surrounded by seasoned professionals to guide him. Fabricio is learning to work and working to learn. At TIVOL, he earns approximately half of the cost of his own education.

Cristo Rey partners with TIVOL

"It’s a joy to work with Fabricio and watch him grow,” said Sarah Wheeler, Office Manager at TIVOL. “He is always more than willing to do anything asked of him.”

“Fabricio always has a big smile on his face. You just can’t help but smile, too,” said Wheeler.

Fabricio’s future plans include making a name for himself on Cristo Rey’s FIRST
Robotics Team and pursuing a degree in engineering.

Cristo Rey Kansas City Corporate Work Study Program

Cristo Rey’s Return on Investment to the Community

Every Student. Every Year.

  • 100% of graduates are accepted to college.
  • 100% of students graduate with four years of work experience.
  • 100% of students graduate with a record of volunteer community service.
  • 4 x the rate of their peers for college degree completion.


If you’d like to know more about Cristo Rey Kansas City and its innovative programs in the classroom and on the job, visit, or call 816.457‐6044.