Located in Hollywood, California, Danhov is an award-winning designer of unique and handcrafted engagement rings, wedding bands, and fine jewelry.

Founded in 1984 by Jack Hovsepian, Danhov is known in the luxury jewelry category for its innovative design philosophy. The designs of the custom-made engagement rings and wedding bands ensure that every Danhov customer wears a special ring that is an extension and personal statement of their discerning taste.

Jack learned at an early age how to marry precision with art. Shadowing his father, an accomplished fashion designer, he spent his formative years exposed to trend-setting haute couture. This influence now drives his passion to design each ring with exacting measures and create the most exquisite collection of bridal jewelry.

Danhov’s handmade and hand-assembled rings are produced one ring at a time by the most skilled jewelers at its California office. This individual, hands-on approach further exemplifies the precision, quality and strength for which Danhov is known.

Danhov 1

Unlike many jewelry companies, no molds and mass-production assembly lines are used at Danhov. You won’t find a manufactured-by-machine ring with the Danhov stamp inside it. Danhov is very literal when it comes to the terms, “Made in the USA” and “handcrafted.”

Each ring begins with a single wire and is shaped to perfection by Danhov’s artisan craftsmen. This preserves the quality and unique intricacies that only handmade and hand-assembled pieces can show.

In addition to every piece of Danhov jewelry being made in the USA, the process of creating rings at Danhov is eco-friendly because it avoids the use of harsh chemicals and large machinery commonly used in the traditional molding and manufacturing processes.

All Danhov bridal and fine jewelry is protected by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty that will cover any potential manufacturing defects. These rings are heirlooms-in-the-making; created to last.

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