Designer Spotlight | Penny Preville

It's been almost forty-five years since Penny Preville launched her designer collection. It all started as a personal passion. She was enchanted by jewelry from a young age, and loved playing with the pieces in her grandmother's jewel box. By the 1970's, she began her professional foray in jewelry with a collection of simple beaded pieces accented with feathers. Only a few years later, Penny was using precious materials and creating her signature new vintage looks. "I wanted to make jewelry that I could wear," explains the designer. "Jewels that felt romantic, but fit into a modern lifestyle."

Penny Preville Jewelry Rose Gold Jewelry

All Penny Preville jewelry is made in the finest materials. She  exclusively works in 18K yellow, rose, and white gold, as well as platinum. Every piece is handcrafted, and the vast majority of the jewels are made in New York City.

The beauty of Penny Preville designs, combined with fine craftsmanship and her eye for detail, results in fine jewelry that can be collected and passed along to future generations. The elegant gold and diamond jewelry from this designer brand also is a great complement to other pieces of jewelry a woman may already own or be adding to her collection in the future.

Penny Preville is a longtime friend to not just TIVOL, but the whole Tivol family as well as the TIVOL customers. Penny Preville and TIVOL have been working together since the 1980's! We have seen her designs and collections evolve over the years, and we're always impressed!

Penny Preville's personal visits and trunk shows at TIVOL have become highly anticipated events each year, not only because of the gold and diamond jewelry she brings, but because of the designer herself – and her ability to connect with collectors and customers. We typically host a Spring trunk show around Mother's Day, and a Winter trunk show during the holidays in December. Be sure to follow us on social media @tivolKC to find out when our next show will be!

With so many gorgeous collections it is hard to choose a favorite. Each has their own unique twist that makes them loveable, memorable and oh so wearable! 

Penny finds inspiration in nature. Stars and moons, flowers, feathers, and garlands are among the motifs that highlight necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. The flip-side to the poetic pieces are designs with clean geometric lines and polished surfaces, all of which define a more modern focus.

"I try to speak to a woman's personal sense of style, independence, and celebration of femininity," explains Penny Preville. "I want women to connect with the jewelry in a meaningful way."

Penny Preville's Watercolor Collection is designed to resemble watercolor paintings. Each piece in the collection is splashed with color, from the pink and blue ombré styles to those rocking more colorful styles!


2020 was the weirdest year ever. Now that 2021 is upon us, we are all wanting some good vibes. The jewelry industry has seen a growing popularity of Evil Eye jewelry. The Evil Eye, or Mati in Greek, is said to bring the wearer protection and good luck in difficult times. In the Medallion Collection from Penny Preville, you are sure to find a beautiful necklace to bring you, or someone you love, good fortune this year.

And of course, we can't forget the always classic, Penny Preville bangles. Around TIVOL, we love stacking our bracelets, mixing metals, and even layering in a fine timepiece. All of the bracelets by the designer are stunning enough to stand on their own, but can easily fit in to your existing collection. The options are endless! Check them out here

From ultra-femme to clean, modern lines, Penny Preville creates timeless pieces for every woman. The beauty of the designs blended with fine craftsmanship and Penny's eye for details, results in heirloom quality jewels that women will put on and never want to take off.

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