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"Fashion is changeable. It is whimsical. Style is not. Style is part of us, of our life, in every moment and every expression."
- Roberto Coin

Roberto Coin
Roberto Coin

The quintessential Italian fine jeweler since 1977, Roberto Coin blends modernity and tradition. Every single design is created with absolute freedom to magnify the beauty and personality of those who wear it.

Roberto Coin Gold Hoop Earrings 6740626AYER0
18K Yellow Gold Double Hoop Earrings

Roberto Coin signs each of his pieces with a small ruby casted inside the jewel. Rubies were considered by ancient Egyptians to be a kind of amulet that bestows prosperity, happiness and longevity. This signature detail represents the message of good wishes that Roberto Coin passes on to the clients who adorn his pieces.

Roberto Coin Gold Diamond Ring 8882968AX65X
18K Rose Gold Love in Verona Collection Diamond Ring

Venetian Princess

Roberto Coin Gold Diamond Bracelets 7772804AJBAX and 7772804AWBAX
Venitian Princess Diamond Bangle in 18K Yellow Gold and 18K White Gold

Roberto Coin combines his technological prowess with time-honored craftsmanship to create the Venetian Princess collection. The four-petaled floral motif repeats in diamonds and in engraving, even reappearing in the gallery of each piece as a reminder of our inner beauty. The jewels in the Venetian Princess Collection are part of the thread that connects the Roberto Coin brand to the romance of Italy and takes us on a journey of love and beauty.

Roberto Coin Gold Diamond Pendant Necklaces
18K Yellow Gold Zodiac Medallion Pendants

Roberto Coin tells his story through jewels that truly become works of art. His creativity takes inspiration through the lens of all things Italian, finding beauty in the archways of a building or the flowers in a courtyard garden. No matter your lifestyle, Roberto Coin has something for you. From morning meetings, to afternoon cocktails or a special night out, there is something to help you shine.

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