Diamond | The Birthstone of April

For those of you who were lucky enough to be born in April, you have the pleasure of calling the diamond your birthstone. It is no secret that diamonds are incredibly strong, but did you know that the same traits of strength and beauty have been attributed to people born in April? Diamonds hold significant meaning for those born this month and are believed to provide the wearer with better relationships and help increase their inner strength. In fact, the word "diamond" comes from the Greek word "adamas," which means “invincible” or “unbreakable.” 

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Diamonds have been cherished and adored long before the gem became the April birthstone. There is evidence that diamonds were traded as early as the fourth century BCE. Diamonds were coveted by royalty and the wealthy. New trade routes to Europe were even created because of the high demand. Eventually a steady flow of caravans brought Indian diamonds, along with other exotic merchandise, to medieval markets in Venice. Perfecting diamond jewelry may have even started in Venice. Some of the first diamond cutters were known to be Venetian traders.

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Throughout the Middle Ages, many noble figures believed diamonds held healing powers and could cure ailments stemming from the nervous system and brain. By heating the diamond and taking it to bed, it was thought to draw out the harmful toxins that were crippling the body. Who needs a heating pad when you have a hot diamond? 

Over the centuries, the diamond has also been thought to be an antidote to poison and provide protection against the plague. Some even claim that it aids in longevity, strength, beauty and happiness. This makes the diamond not just a great birthstone, but also a wonderful symbol of love for 60th wedding anniversaries.

Diamonds have been "a girl’s best friend" since Marilyn Monroe first sang her famous tune in the 1950s from the film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. It's true, you can’t go wrong with a timeless gift of diamond jewelry. But let's not limit diamonds to jewelry alone. They can be a great addition to the bezel or dial of a fine timepiece, and everyone needs a great watch! Whether it's a watch, necklace, or earrings, there is something to make every April birthday wish come true. To shop great gift ideas, click here, or visit us in-person on the Country Club Plaza and at Hawthorne Plaza.