All about Emma

It is no secret who really runs the show at TIVOL. Emma may be small, but you always know when she's heading your way. A beloved fixture at TIVOL, Emma brings a smile to staff and guests alike. Most of us look forward to having Emma stop into our office as she's bouncing around the store during her daily rounds. Though she is technically Cathy's dog, we all love and treat Emma like our own! Emma took some time out of her busy schedule to join the TIVOL Blog this week. She is sharing all kinds of fun facts about herself!

"Hi! My full name is Emma Tivol Maslan, but everyone at work just calls me Emma. Sometimes the humans call me Em... or Cutie... or Sweetie, they have a lot of nicknames for me. I really like working at TIVOL. I have a big job with a lot of responsibilities. 

When I get in at 8:30, I exercise by chasing stuffed animals that Mom throws.  Then, I have my breakfast of real chicken (yum) and dog food (yuk). I greet customers throughout the day and let them pet and snuggle me. I really love that.  It’s my favorite part of the day. When most dogs come into the store, I bark at them, but it’s really just my way of saying hi."

Emma's Birthday Photo

"I like working on the Country Club Plaza because so many shoppers are out and about with their dogs. I love when dogs come into TIVOL, as long as they're nice. I seem to get along especially well with big dogs. At TIVOL, we love dogs so much, we even put in a "Doggie Bar" outside. Now all of the dogs who walk by can have a nice sip (or slurp) of cool water.

Secretly, I also like working on the Country Club Plaza because my favorite bakery is here. I just love Three Dog Bakery. I turned 2 years old recently, and celebrated with one of their Drooly Dream Bars. YUM! I love when Mom and I stop there on our walks. Sometimes she will let me pick out a treat."

Emma Tivol with Engagement Rings

"I am a King Charles Spaniel with flowy white, black and brown hair. Because I am so cute, the marketing department needs me to help model every now and then. I don't mind because I get to see our beautiful jewelry up close. My favorite piece right now is a 10 carat cushion cut diamond ring. It makes me drool."

 "Because I have such a vital role at TIVOL, I have a lot to do throughout the day, but the staff around here make it so fun. My favorite part of the day is whenever any of my co-workers warm up their lunch or bring in food from one of the local restaurants. I love the smell, and follow them downstairs to the kitchen. It makes me mad when no one will give me a little nibble - especially if they're eating BBQ from Joe's KC!"

Emma Kissing Customers

"I love meeting our customers the most. So many of them become great friends and I get to see them pretty often, especially before a special occasion. Everyone is so friendly and enjoys catching up with me. 

One of the most memorable customer visits was when two nice ladies came into TIVOL to look at watches. The younger one saw me, started screaming, and ran away from me. I thought she was playing, so I chased her. She just screamed louder and louder. Finally, my brother Hunter ran across the store and caught me. He put me in Mom’s office and closed the door so I couldn’t get out. It hurt my feelings that she was scared of me - I'm so nice! I just love to give kisses to everyone!"

Emma greeting customers

"When I'm not working hard here at the store, I have two favorite things in the world. The first is chasing bunnies, squirrels, and birds in my backyard.  Unfortunately, I never catch them. The second is playing with my sister Danielle and having my belly rubbed. She knows just what I like.

When I can't get away from the store to play with Danielle, the staff here are pretty great as well. They play with me a lot. I'll even let you in on a little secret. Sometimes before the store opens at 10:00am, we crank up some music and start dancing. It gets everyone psyched up for the day."

Emma TIVOL Dog Tags

"Sometimes people tell me about dogs who need some help to find a happy home like I have. Of course, I want to help all of my furry friends! That's why TIVOL made our Pet Name Tags. Now all of my customer friends can buy the name tags for their pets, and TIVOL will donate $75 of each tag purchase to KC Pet Project. They do some pretty amazing things for animals around Kansas City."

Emma Winking

Thanks to Emma for taking us behind the scenes of her day-to-day here at TIVOL. She is such a hard worker, and everyone here at TIVOL is proud to be her co-worker. If you ever want to come hang out with Emma, just pop into our location on the Country Club Plaza! Chances are, she'll be here with a big smile and a kiss waiting for you!