Engagement Ring Round Up

So you're ready to get married... Congratulations! You are beginning the exciting process of selecting the perfect engagement ring! For some though, it can be a daunting task to navigate the different ring styles and diamond shapes and sizes. TIVOL makes it easy to choose the perfect ring, no matter your personal style or budget.

Assorted Engagement Ring Styles on Wood

One of the biggest hurdles in this process is narrowing down the shape of diamond and style of ring you prefer. The three most common engagement ring styles are: solitaire, halo and three-stone. We're rounding up a few of our favorites in each category to help shed some light on each style. We're also throwing in some unique ideas!

Solitaire Engagement Rings at TIVOL

Solitaire Engagement Rings

Nothing says "I'm engaged!" quite like a classic solitaire engagement ring. A beautiful solitaire ring is classic and timeless. Its sleek design and uncomplicated beauty make the solitaire a stunning compliment to every outfit and occasion. Brides (or their soon-to-be grooms) can choose their favorite design, ranging from simple and delicate to a bold statement look. 

Bezel Set Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings


Because the diamond stands alone in a solitaire setting, it is the main attraction! A prong style solitaire setting allows the maximum amount of light to pass through the diamond. This adds to the diamond’s fire and brilliance. Bezel is another popular solitaire setting style. A bezel is a ring of metal that surrounds the diamond, offering maximum protection and a sleek design. A solitaire setting is the perfect match for any diamond shape. The most popular diamond shapes include round brilliant, oval and cushion.

Halo Engagement Rings at TIVOL

Halo Engagement Rings

A halo ring incorporates small accent diamonds that encircle a larger center diamond. The halo diamonds can be the same shape as the center stone, or they can be different, such as a round brilliant cut halo surrounding a cushion shape diamond.

One of the biggest appeals of a halo is that it accentuates and adds size to the center diamond. Another (sometimes overlooked) benefit of the halo is that the surrounding stones offer protection for your center stone. If the bride-to-be has a more physical career like nursing, teaching, or engineering, a halo ring may be a good option.

The biggest tip we can share about choosing a halo ring is to make sure your center stone's color and clarity matches that of the surrounding halo. If there is a slight color difference between the two, it can be quite noticeable.

Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

Three Stone Engagement Rings

Just as the name states, a three-stone engagement ring features three diamonds. The center diamond is the largest of the three, flanked on each side by a proportionately smaller diamond. There is wonderful symbolism behind a three-stone engagement ring, and for those who enjoy sentiment, this is the perfect ring. The most common meaning behind the design is that the three stones represent the past, the present and the future - with each stone representing an important phase of the relationship. A more modern take on the symbolism that has gained popularity is the belief that the three stones represent the three most important pillars of marriage: friendship, love, and loyalty.

Unique Engagement Rings
Unique Engagement Rings


Unique Engagement Rings

For some brides-to-be, a traditional ring may not be the look they're after. Some may opt for a bolder stone color such as a sapphire or even a yellow diamond. Others may choose a trendy opaque rough diamond, or a unique setting. There are no rules when it comes to a ring that suits you; it's about showcasing your own personality and style. After all, this is a ring you will want to wear forever!

Engagement Rings TIVOL


With so many styles to choose from, figuring out the perfect engagement ring design can be overwhelming. This will be one of the most important and meaningful purchases you will ever make. Your engagement ring will be a symbol of your love and commitment. TIVOL has a team of experts at Hawthorne Plaza and the Country Club Plaza to assist you in selecting the perfect engagement ring!