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TIVOL has always gone above and beyond for their customers, but the featured stories in this week's blog are a few that take the cake! They are shining examples of the TIVOL culture and our customer service.

Our customers are the heart and soul of our business. We truly enjoy working with all of you and feel honored to be your first choice when selecting the perfect piece of jewelry or timepiece to mark a special moment in your life.

Going the extra mile Customer ServiceGoing the Extra Mile (Or 4,833 Miles)

Several years ago, we were on a tight a deadline on a special order for a client. The client had gone to Switzerland and needed this ring flown to him for a special occasion. Luckily, one of our sales associates, Ray, had a passport and was ready and willing to leave right away. Fourteen hours and 4,833 miles later, Ray touched down in Geneva with the ring safely in hand. He was able to deliver a large fancy yellow diamond ring right to the client’s front door. The client was absolutely thrilled to see Ray show up with that little black box. Since Ray only had a few hours to spend in Geneva, he had just enough time to take a leisurely stroll around Lake Geneva. While taking in the sights, Ray ran into another TIVOL customer. They were able to catch up, chatting over a warm cappuccino. Talk about a small world! 

Fathers Day gifts at TIVOLChoosing TIVOL

Fine timepieces have become great collectible items in recent years. Several brands and styles now have long waiting lists. TIVOL always wants to help our customers acquire their dream watch, so when a customer is put on a watch waiting list, we diligently keep track and let them know when one becomes available. Our sales associate Dom recently had a watch become available for one of his customers turned friend. His customer, Patrick, was no longer living in Kansas City, but stayed in touch with Dom regularly. They often talked about sports and their families. When Dom found out the watch was available over Father’s Day weekend, he called Patrick first thing on Monday morning. With a sound of shock in his voice, Patrick replied, “You’re not going to believe this! My daughters just gave me this watch yesterday for Father’s Day”. Of course, Dom was understanding, but Patrick badly wanted to give Dom his business for being such a great sales associate and friend over the years. Patrick ended up returning the watch his daughters bought for Father’s Day and purchased the watch from Dom and TIVOL. What a great compliment to Dom and a wonderful gesture on Patrick’s part. We are so grateful for the loyal relationships our staff has built with their customers.

Cartier at TIVOL Great Customer ServiceSpecial Delivery

There is no place our team won’t go to deliver a memorable gift. When a local sports figure took his wife to the hospital to welcome their first child, he called Gary right away. The expecting father had mistakenly forgotten to purchase a push present for his wife! He called frantically asking Gary to choose a beautiful Cartier watch to have engraved with a special message. Gary was able to have our team work on the project quickly so he could bring it to the hospital the same day. The TIVOL team came through and Gary drove the gift to the hospital himself. The hospital had recently built a new maternity wing and Gary got a little lost. Thinking he was family, the staff escorted Gary right to the room of the new parents! New mom and baby were happy, healthy, and so excited to see Gary! It was certainly a special delivery.

Great customer service at TIVOL. Engagement rings at TIVOLDreams Come True

Harold Tivol was one of a kind. No matter what a customer’s budget or reason for shopping, he felt strongly that if customers see something they love, they should try it on, touch it and feel it. This mentality has long since been part of the TIVOL shopping experience. Many years ago, a 12-year old named Kate came into TIVOL with her parents. Even at a young age, she had exquisite taste and was instantly drawn to a sparkling Beaudry ring. Sales associate AJ Paddack offered to let Kate try on the ring so she could wear it around the store as her parents shopped. That day Kate vowed that one day she would have a diamond engagement ring from TIVOL. After several years had passed, Kate had graduated from college and moved to Washington D.C. But when it came time for her boyfriend to propose, of course they made the special trip home to TIVOL. Kate’s dreams came true when she said “yes”, and she proudly wears her TIVOL diamond ring every day.

Birthday Surprise in a Pinch

It happens to the best of us, and sometimes even our customers. Every now and then a customer calls saying they have forgotten their wife’s birthday and they need the perfect gift the next day. A few years ago, John called our sales associate Dom at 5:15pm (the store closes at 5:30) needing a diamond necklace for his wife’s birthday the next day… in California! Dom jumped into action. He used FaceTime to call John and show him options for the special gift. They chose a stunning KWIAT diamond necklace, but how could Dom ship this to arrive by the next day? Our shipping department was already closed for the day. Luckily, our shipping manager Toni is amazing. From home, she was able to create an overnight shipping label and send it to Dom to print at the store. Dom gift wrapped, packed up the necklace, and rushed to the nearest shipping facility. He arrived just before they closed. We are happy to report that John received the gift the next day at 10:30am, just in time to surprise his wife for her birthday. At TIVOL, we are problem solvers. We’ll make you look good.

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