This month we’re asking Lisa Lyddon, assistant store manager at the Country Club Plaza location, some questions about her likes and loves. 
So, let’s just jump into some questions. 

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TIVOL: Hi Lisa! How long have you worked at TIVOL? 

Lisa: Oh my goodness, it has been 16 years. Time flies when you’re having fun!

TIVOL: What do you love most about your career at TIVOL? 

Lisa: The relationships I have formed! From customers and their families to my colleagues and the vendors we work with. I love all these personal connections! I guess that makes me a people person?!

TIVOL: You’re currently preparing for Cristo Rey’s Dancing with KC Stars event coming up in April 2018, are you more excited or nervous? 

Lisa: I’m not nervous, yet, because I’m having so much fun dancing and learning my routine! However, I know myself, and the night of the event I am going to be a ball of nerves! In addition to the nerves of dancing in front of people, I’m putting competitive pressure on myself. They have awards for best dance and most votes. I want to win both! Is that wrong? Votes are tabulated by the dollars raised - so every $10 donation counts as one vote.

You can learn more about Cristo Rey and vote for me here:

TIVOL: What made you decide to participate in raising funds for this school by dancing in front of hundreds? 

Lisa: I had to think about it quite a while because of my nerves, but being able to make a difference and help this community of high school kids by doing something fun made the final decision something I could get excited about. We participate in the Cristo Rey Corporate Work Study program at TIVOL, so I’ve seen the kids who work with us grow in skills and confidence, and I wanted to contribute to the school’s continued success. Plus, I love dancing and impromptu dance parties with my daughter happen pretty regularly at my house!

TIVOL: Who doesn’t love a good dance party! You mentioned your daughter, how old is she? 

Lisa: My amazing little girl is 9 years old. It was her birth as a preemie and the care she received in the NICU that opened my eyes and heart to help all kids when I’m able and given the opportunity. Another reason I couldn’t say no to Dancing with the KC Stars!

TIVOL: What other nonprofit organizations do you like to support? 

Lisa: March of Dimes, because they were a great support of information and technology when my daughter was born. I love the Bikers for Babies event and March for Babies is something my daughter and I can do together. Team Smile is also a great organization that helps provide dental care to underserved children. Pretty much anything that helps kids!


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TIVOL: Besides dance parties at home and walking in March for Babies, what else do you and your daughter love doing together? 

Lisa: Just being with her is so great! We can be doing anything; cooking, playing basketball outside, getting manicures and pedicures, snuggling with a movie, rock climbing, riding bikes, just to name a few!

TIVOL: We know you love kids, what about animals? Do you have any pets? 

Lisa: Pets are awesome! We have a YorkiPoo puppy at home that is not quite a year old. Puppy training is not for the faint of heart. His name his Prince and he has been a great companion for my daughter and a help in teaching her responsibility. I was recently tempted by a DoxiePoo because I thought Prince would like a buddy. And, well, have you seen a DoxiePoo!? SO cute!

parker puppy

TIVOL: Speaking of responsibility, let’s talk a bit more about work. What is currently your favorite piece of jewelry in-store at TIVOL? 

Lisa: That may be this gorgeous pair of diamond studs we have set in platinum. I know that might seem boring to some, but I love big diamonds. These are just over 4 carats each, so they certainly make a sparkling statement. 

TIVOL: Speaking of budgets and working with customers, if someone wanted to start building a fine jewelry wardrobe, what is the one piece of jewelry you think every girl should have? 

Lisa: Just ONE?

TIVOL: Oh, ok, you’re right, let’s go with two or three must-haves for her jewelry wardrobe. 

Lisa: Well, I’m a fan of timeless and elegant. So, man or woman, I really believe that everyone should have a good timepiece. In addition, I would suggest every girl have a nice pair of diamond studs. Any size will add some sparkle and be the perfect complement to whatever you are wearing – they are a must-have and perfect for daily wear. And finally, I would recommend a right-hand ring that you love, something classic like a multi-row diamond band. Single or married, wear a right-hand ring that makes you happy!





TIVOL: Who is your style icon? 

Lisa: I love Emma Stone. Every time I see her I want the outfit. She has a simple elegance, but is just quirky enough to be charming. Her hair, makeup and dress choices are just lovely. I like how she wears simple necklaces and lots of earrings and ear cuffs. She’s very classic, but throws in a trend to keep it current and edgy.

TIVOL: What is a jewelry trend you are currently loving? 

Lisa: Oh, easy, that would be ear climbers. They are so fun! And they mix perfectly with my diamond studs!


TIVOL: You always seem so happy and positive, and well, energetic. What gives you this energy to maintain your outgoing personality and the retail hours you work? 

Lisa: Being active and burning energy actually helps me maintain my energy. Between circuit training with a trainer a few days a week to doing things with my daughter, and now dance practice, it all helps keep me going. Not much sitting around or binge watching opportunities for me. I like to be on the go. Making time for friends and family is important to me as well and keeps me happy. And wine. LOL!

TIVOL: We’re exhausted just hearing this. Let’s go watch some more episodes of The Crown. 

Lisa: Oh, the royal jewels are lovely! But if I’m going to watch television, and that’s a big IF, I’m better with half-hour shows. How about some Grace & Frankie?

Lisa dance


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