Graduating from college is one of those accomplishments that young people and their relatives will never forget. The Kansas City area boasts a number of wonderful colleges and universities, and this time of year, celebrations will be taking place across the state to honor the area's recent graduates.

Graduation gifts for womenIt's traditional to give a recent graduate a fashionable, long-lasting, and wearable token to commemorate their move from higher education into the professional life. For example, for young men graduating from college, graduate school, or business or law school, a luxury timepiece is a wonderful idea.

TIVOL's unparalleled selection of elegant watches from the finest of designers will surely please any young man. A watch engraved with his name and the date of his graduation will be an important accessory for him as he dons his suit for those upcoming first interviews. They say a man's watch and his shoes are the first things his interviewers—and his clients—notice. Likewise, a pair of cufflinks or a tie bar are both excellent graduation jewelry gifts in Kansas City, especially for young men who see a future involving many business meetings or fancy dinners while making a name for themselves at their new company.

For young women graduates, there are plenty of jewelry gifts that will beautifully commemorate their achievement. In general, women have more options when it comes to accessorizing, but gifts of jewelry at graduation time really ought to reflect the transition from childhood to adulthood.

Graduation gifts for menTo commemorate a woman moving into professional adulthood, jewelry items with simple designs are best, whether you're purchasing her a pair of earrings, a pendant, a necklace, a brooch, or a bracelet. If she's interested in joining the business world or wants to teach school, or is thinking about a career in the arts or administration, the idea is to get her something she can use to accessorize the outfits she'll wear to interviews.

But really, the most important thing is finding something she'll love and treasure. TIVOL carries designers such as A.JAFFE, Harry Kotlar, Danhov, Jack Kelége, Robert Procop, and Sebastien Barier. TIVOL takes pride in carrying only the most beautiful jewelry pieces, so think about items such as stud earrings that aren't too flashy, simple necklaces with a drop pendant, elegant bracelets, or distinctive but understated brooches. All will be welcome items in her jewelry box as she makes herself up for her new life.

The transition from school days to "the real world" can be an intimidating one. Send your graduates out into the world knowing they look professional and put together with an elegant accessory that will help them dress for the job they want. No matter where they're going, they'll remember where they've been—and who got them where they are—every time they see themselves in a mirror.

TIVOL carries appropriate jewelry gifts for graduates, such as simple earrings and watches. Visit TIVOL at the Country Club Plaza or in Overland Park at Hawthorne Plaza.