Helpful Advice in Selecting a New Luxury Watch

“The joy of wearing an heirloom, especially one with family history, is unique and priceless.”

Here at TIVOL, we’ve got passion. For personal style, craftsmanship, beauty, and precision. That’s why we’ve earned your trust as Kansas City’s jewelry and luxury watch authority.  Considering a new timepiece? We’ve prepared some advice, and fun facts, to help prepare you for your quest to find…the one. Take a look:

From the genesis that inspires a new timepiece to the plans, prototypes, pre-series, assembly, regulation, and your ultimate purchase in store, a lot goes into the small details of the watch you ultimately wear on your wrist each day. It takes a team of scientists, technicians, designers, and artisans to craft unique jewelry watches and we’re proud to offer you the best selection out there.

What Type of Watch is Best for Me?

Your timepiece reflects your style, your personality, and your habits. People purchase watches for a variety of reasons, some for investment and some for pure passion. Finding a watch that can support the activities you enjoy is important to the ultimate satisfaction you feel with your purchase. Much like dating, knowing your type is a nice first step in finding your perfect match…and unlike dating, you’re encouraged to have more than one. The best first step is to understand a few of the watch varieties that are available on the market.

Mechanical vs. Quartz Watches

The difference between mechanical and quartz watches comes down to how they’re ultimately designed. Mechanical technology dates all the way back to the 1600s and the value in these pieces rests in the incredible craftsmanship and complexity of how they’re created. 

Mechanical watches are driven by a spring with a series of gears that power the balance wheel, which oscillates back and forth at a constant rate. Quartz watches feature electronic functions as opposed to their handmade counterparts.

What are some of the types of watches available to me?

  • Pocket Watches

These timeless pieces have been carried since the fifteenth century.

  • Dress Watches

Typically 34-40mm in size, dress watches feature a slim profile and are usually outfitted with a leather strap.

  • Field Watches

Made popular during WWII, field watches are made for accuracy in time telling.

  • Aviator Watches

Also known as pilot watches, aviators typically feature a rotating 24-hour bezel and separate hand.

  • Dive Watches

These water resistant pieces were made for durability and to withstand pressure while maintaining precision for the wearer.

  • Racing Watches

Originally made for racers, these watches are designed for ease of use and accurate time telling at a quick glance.

Diver Watches | Pilot Watches | Dress Watches | Sport Watches

 Where to Find the Perfect Timepiece

We understand a watch is much more than just a device that keeps time. A fine timepiece reflects style, the personality and the good taste of the individual who owns it. Of course, purchasing a quality timepiece should be enjoyable and gratifying - not difficult or confusing.

This is why you can trust TIVOL’s expertise for guidance about timepieces and what to look for when making a timepiece purchase. At TIVOL, you’ll find the world’s best-known names in fine timepieces. You won’t find a better collection and more knowledgeable sales professionals than when you step inside TIVOL. Consider us your matchmaker, helping you discover pieces that you can enjoy throughout your lifetime.

When Getting Complicated is a Good Thing

Like humans, mechanical timepieces need human input in order to function best. Some might call that complicated, but we think it’s a good thing. Watchmaker certification requires over 3,000 hours of studying that includes benchtime and theory. From there, new makers begin in entry-level positions and work their way up to become master watchmakers years later. Watchmakers are highly skilled, technical craftsmen who are devoted to highly detailed complication in timepieces.

Watches range in complexity, the most basic of which still requires precise assembly of over 100 parts in order to function. More complicated movements can include over 1,000 parts, some so small that they require magnification just to see. Putting together a watch is a true art form that takes a steadiness of hand and anywhere from days to over a year to produce.

How Often Do I Need to Service My Luxury Watch?

Whether you’re purchasing a timepiece as an investment, as an heirloom, or simply for fun, you’ll want to protect the craftsmanship and artistry that first drew you in for years to come. Much like the car you drive, routine maintenance of your timepiece is an important step in ensuring optimal performance.

How often does your watch need maintenance?

Most technical watches should be serviced every five to 10 years; vintage watches worn regularly may require more frequent maintenance. Quartz watches have longer service intervals of around 10 years. We recommend you visit your watchmaker every six to 12 months to check water resistance and clean the case and bracelet.

Is there anything I can do in between visits to ensure my timepiece lasts?

Keeping the outside of your watch clean can prevent anything from getting inside and helps to avoid premature wear of the bracelet. For watches that are not water-resistant, wipe the watch down periodically with a soft dry cloth. Water-resistant watches can be wiped down with a soft damp cloth and the metal bracelets can be scrubbed with a soft bristle toothbrush and a mild soap.

Can I wear my water-resistant watch while swimming?

If swimming with a water-resistant watch in chlorinated or salt water, immediately rinse the watch off with clean fresh water and dry with a soft towel. If you notice condensation has formed under the crystal or discoloration of the hands or dial, visit your watchmaker immediately for a dry out and assessment of any damage. We recommend you visit your watchmaker regularly to have them pressure test your watch to ensure that all gaskets are in good shape to prevent any leaks.

TIVOL boasts one of the most highly-regarded watch repair departments in the United States. With a master watchmaker, manufacturer-certified watchmakers, a master care refurbisher, and professionals at the stores, this team of experts at TIVOL work closely with the manufacturers and can complete your repairs and overhauls right here on premise.

Our in-house watchmakers have been trusted by Kansas City for over 110 years. Services include: Battery replacement, product cleaning, water pressure testing, regular maintenance, and repairs.

As the saying goes, “There’s no time like the present.”.
We say, “There’s no present like a timepiece from TIVOL.”