Holiday Gift Guide 2020 | Part 1

The holidays are just around the corner. This year, more than ever, we strive to find ways to show our loved ones how much we treasure them. From popular fashion trends to timeless classics, jewelry and watches make unforgettable gifts that speak to the heart. Our staff has carefully selected their top TIVOL gift ideas for the 2020 holiday season to help you shop with ease and find that special something for a special loved one on your list.

Gary Pener - Store Manager at the Country Club Plaza

Being at TIVOL for over 20 years, I have assisted my fair share of holiday shoppers. Holiday shopping at TIVOL is a wonderful time, especially on the Country Club Plaza. For me, I tend to favor the classics. I appreciate gift items that the recipient can wear for years to come - or even pass on to future generations! Some of my favorite gifts include diamond bracelets. Whether it is a traditional diamond tennis bracelet from Kwiat or a stylish bangle from Penny Preville, they make a great gift. Other great gifts include: diamond necklaces, Panerai watches, and anything with rubies. (We are in Chiefs Kingdom afterall.) Check out more of my favorites below!

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 Susan Cavitt - Sales Associate

While this is my first holiday season with TIVOL, I have been in the jewelry industry for quite some time. I love the holidays because it is a chance for shoppers to buy something unique that isn't tied to a tradition, like an anniversary gift or birthstone. Some of my favorite pieces are seemingly classics, but with a twist - such as the Penny Preville Moonstone Eyeglass necklace. I enjoy Penny Preville designs because they are modern yet feminine, making her designs fail proof gifts for more women!  

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 Amanda Thompson - Sales Associate

I just love this time of year! When customers come in, they are looking for something special, memorable, and something that will knock the socks off a loved one. Helping them find that perfect gift is one of my favorite parts of my job! For the holidays, I think Lagos bracelets are a great go-to item. They have such a wide variety of styles; you can't go wrong. Diamond hoop earrings and ruby or emerald jewelry are also great ideas! For someone wanting a bolder look, I suggest Marco Bicego. They have some wonderful beaded pieces with a pop of color in their Jaipur collection! Enjoy some of my top picks below!

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