Home Sweet Home

This year, whether you're working from home, home for the holidays or just curled up on the couch with a good book, TIVOL has all of the latest winter style ideas. We have compiled some of our favorite pieces of jewelry and watches that easily transition from a night out to a cozy evening at home. Whatever your holidays look like this year, we've got your back.

We love the easy, laid-back style of a simple diamond chain necklace. It is a great piece to layer in with other chain or pendant necklaces. They go with everything! 

At TIVOL, we love all jewelry, but especially a fun statement ring. Inspired by the freedom and spontaneity of modern art, this Carelle Brushstroke brings a fresh, painterly perspective to the art of accessorizing. Each style is numbered individually like brushes in an artist’s set, allowing one to paint their own personal story. It is just as easy to wear with casual outfits as it is a cocktail dress.

Even it if is a lazy Sunday afternoon, we love layering up the jewelry with a soft broken in t-shirt. Elevate any casual look with stacking rings or statement earrings. These pieces from LAGOS are extremely versatile, easy to mix with other pieces in your jewelry collection or stack with other LAGOS items.

Who doesn't love a good pen? Did you know the TIVOL carries a lovely variety of fine ink pens?  The proof is in the pudding. You can tell a difference when looking at something written with a cheap pen compared to a more sophisticated pen. Those who do everything with an appreciation for excellence realize that excellence is in the details. This holiday season, consider Faber Castell pens for the writer in your life. 

When it's cold outside, there is nothing better than a warm cappuccino or mug of hot chocolate. The Marco Bicego ring and necklaces above have a warm gold tone that is sure to keep you cozy this holiday season!

Baking for the holidays? Don't be scared to get your ring dirty! Did you know that TIVOL offers free jewelry cleaning for our customers? Wearing your favorite pieces will often cause a build up of body oils, smudges and grime from the environment. Our team will quickly and efficiently examine your jewelry for any loose gemstones or other potential problems before carefully cleaning the piece with the appropriate methods. (Not all jewelry is alike. Different gemstones, metals and materials need to be handled in different ways.) Feel free to bake up a storm this holiday season. We've got you covered!

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