How to Care for Fine Jewelry

There’s no better way to express love, appreciation, or gratitude than with a piece of fine jewelry. A luxury watch, a pair of diamond earrings, a sparkling gemstone necklace, or a uniquely-faceted ring all say more to the recipient than can be expressed with mere words. However, receiving a gift of this magnitude comes with the responsibility of caring for it properly. Luxury jewelry needs to be cleaned, serviced, inspected, and stored properly to maintain its original luster and brilliance.

Following are a few guidelines on the correct way to care for luxury jewelry to ensure that it remains as beautiful throughout its lifetime as the person who is wearing it.

Proper Storage Makes a Difference
Fine jewelry is designed to last a lifetime, and it deserves to be well cared for. Storing pieces properly extends the life of the jewelry by protecting it from scuffs, scratches, or environmental damage that can shorten its lifespan. Ideally, each ring, bracelet, pair of earrings, and watch should be stored in a safe place that’s impervious to temperature fluctuations and humidity. A jewelry box with compartments and dividers is ideal for this.  Each item should be individually wrapped and stored in a soft-lined pouch or bag within the storage container. This prevents pieces from rubbing against each other, eliminating scratches. A moisture-free environment helps prevent excessive tarnishing. If jewelry
pouches aren’t available, layers of soft tissue paper serve the same purpose. High-end watches are best stored in the box they were purchased in.

Necklaces should be handled differently. Temperature control and lack of humidity are essential here, too, but necklaces should be hung, if possible, to prevent them from tangling, knotting up, or scratching each other.

Cleaning Fine Jewelry
Equally crucial to caring for luxury jewelry is keeping it clean. There are several ways to clean fine jewelry, and it’s best to check with a professional jeweler to determine the method that’s most appropriate for your collection. Many jewelry items can be cleaned initially with a jewelry polishing cloth designed for this purpose. Use the cloth to gently buff each piece as it’s taken off. Taking a few extra minutes to do this after each wearing removes skin oils and other contaminants that may have accumulated throughout the day and keeps jewelry shiny and bright.

Many high-end jewelry pieces require additional care to keep them looking as beautiful as the day they were purchased. Gold and jewels, sterling silver, and pearls all need special care and attention. Many jewelers sell jewelry cleaning kits that are designed to provide the best care for each of these items. Pearls are especially delicate because of their porosity. Consult with a jeweler if there’s any question about the best way to keep luxury pieces clean.

Another method of cleaning fine jewelry is by washing it gently with dishwashing liquid, and if needed a soft toothbrush. Use cool water and rinse thoroughly, then pat dry with a lint-free cloth. Do not use paper towels because they may leave scratches. After patting jewelry dry, lay it out on a hard surface to air dry, ensuring that all moisture has evaporated before wrapping it and tucking it back into its storage container. While this cleaning method works well for many items, ask your jeweler before trying it on your best pieces to make sure no damage will occur.
There are also many types of ultrasonic cleaners available. These devices clean jewelry quickly and efficiently and come in a wide range of models and price points. Consult a jeweler to ensure that you’re purchasing the one that’s most appropriate for your fine pieces.

Luxury Watches Also Need Special Care
Much of the above advice also applies to luxury watches. However, watches are a bit more complex. Keep watches away from magnets, which may impact the watch’s timekeeping ability. Be aware of water-resistance specifications and adhere to them for the best performance. The crystal requires special care, too, to prevent scratches and chips.

Inspections between Cleanings
Regular inspections at a trusted Kansas City jewelry store are recommended to ensure that all stones are secure, all prongs are holding fast, and no damage has occurred since the last inspection. Most jewelers recommend having luxury jewelry inspected every six months as a precaution. If any damage is found, repairs can be made at that time. Watches also benefit from an inspection, and a Kansas City jewelry store such as TIVOL has watch repair technicians in-store to provide this service.

Other Tips
Here are other ways to care for luxury jewelry to extend its life and keep it clean, safe, and looking gorgeous.

  • Never allow luxury jewelry pieces to come in contact with perfume, lotions, sunscreen, or other skincare products.
  • Keep fine jewelry out of the shower, sauna, or hot tub. Prolonged exposure to warm water can dull the luster, and steam causes silver to tarnish more quickly. Also, soap, shampoo, and body wash often contain harsh chemicals that leave a film on diamonds and other gemstones.
  • If rings are removed for hand washing, don’t lay them on the rim of the sink where they may slip down into the drain.

TIVOL Services for Luxury Jewelry
TIVOL is your premier Kansas City jewelry store. We offer jewelry cleaning and repair services, along with a staff of professional jewelers who can answer questions and give advice on the best way to care for your most cherished jewelry pieces. Inspection services are available to ensure that stones are secure and prongs are undamaged. Watches also get special treatment at TIVOL. Our watch repair technicians will clean, inspect, and repair your watch to ensure that it looks beautiful and keeps time as well as it did the day it was purchased.

Fine jewelry deserves the best care. You’ll find that at TIVOL. Visit our stores on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, MO, or in Hawthorne Plaza in Overland Park, KS. Let our professional jewelers show you the best way to care for your luxury jewelry and watches.