The landscape of the bridal jewelry market has been experiencing an incredible shift in recent years. While traditional designs and classic solitaire diamond rings have filled the showcases for generations, there is a movement toward the new and the contemporary. This shift is greatly attributed to the surge in same-sex marriages flooding the country.

With the legalization of gay marriage by the Supreme Court in June 2015, the demand for modernized wedding jewelry designs is rapidly expanding. New York based designer Rony Tennenbaum (no relation to Gwyneth or the rest of The Royal Tenenbaums), whose designs have been celebrated for more than 25 years by the LGBT community, is one of the driving forces behind this new wave of contemporary design work that is at the forefront of new bridal jewelry trends.

The Tennenbaum brand pays attention to individual storytelling in jewelry. Tennenbaum’s pieces mirror the new tastes and desires of wedding customers—more than being different, it’s about showcasing your personality and individuality.

Tennenbaum’s collections are created to think outside the box, to be fresh and to be innovative. His work appeals to people from a variety of backgrounds and experiences regardless of sexual orientation.

In 2015, Tennenbaum was voted a jewelry industry innovator by InStore Magazine, a publication that is distributed to jewelry retailers across the country.