For many, buying a diamond can seem a little intimidating. Often, customers are concerned they will overpay or worse: buy a poor-quality diamond.  Instead, the process of buying a diamond should be a fun learning experience and one that ends with a rewarding purchase.

We all know the 4 Cs: carat weight, color, clarity and cut. Each one of these characteristics is important and will give the diamond rarity and value.

Personally, I believe that “cut” is paramount. The way a diamond is cut will give it brilliance (or sparkle) or negate its potential for brilliance. In addition, the symmetry of the cut is very important. The individual cutting the diamond always lines up the stone’s top facets to its bottom facets. 

The 4 C's

The color of the diamond is what the naked eye can see, which ranges in categorization from D to Z.  D, E and F are colorless. G, H, I and J are nearly colorless. K, L and M are a champagne color to light brown. Z is a fancy colored diamond, and stones within this categorization can be very rare.

The clarity of the diamond is what the naked eye cannot see. The clarity range is from flawless to imperfect 3.  Flawless, VVS-1 and VVS-2 are very rare, while VS-1, VS-2, SI-1 and SI-2 are the most common to find.  Then there is I-1, I-2 and I-3, where the imperfections can be seen with the naked eye and can affect the long-term durability of the diamond.

Carat weight is the universally accepted measurement of the weight of the diamond, and is a unit of mass equal to 200 mg. Thus a .25 ct diamond (commonly called a quarter-carat), is equal to 50 mg.

In my opinion, when shopping for a diamond people should always be looking for an excellent- or ideal-cut diamond. Before buying, make sure to get a full explanation of these terms. So many times I’ve heard from customers, “I have a friend of friend who sells diamonds really cheaply.” They are cheap for a reason, and don’t be fooled or embarrassed to ask the important questions. Your diamond is a lifelong investment, both emotionally and financially. Speaking to an educated individual who is well-versed in diamonds is essential before making your purchase. At TIVOL, we pride ourselves on our breadth and depth of knowledge, so don’t be afraid to ask us questions.