Celebrations of mothers and motherhood go back thousands of years. Perhaps the best known of all such celebrations, Mother's Day is an international observance, with countries across the globe taking time every year to specifically honor mothers and the work they do.

Mother Daughter - LagosAnna Jarvis campaigned to make Mother's Day a recognized holiday in the United States after her mother, a peace activist during the Civil War and activist on behalf of public health, passed away. Jarvis held the first Mother's Day celebration in 1908. President Woodrow Wilson officially set aside the second Sunday in May for the holiday, and ever since then, Americans have used Mother's Day to pamper and honor this nation's mothers to make sure they know how much we love them.

Traditionally, Mother's Day is celebrated with handmade cards, bouquets of cheerful flowers, and brunch at Bristol, McCormick & Schmick's, or Café Sebastienne—hopefully with mimosas. But this year, consider surprising a mother in your life—your own, your mother-in-law, or the mother of your children—with gifts for mom that won't ever go out of style.

The best present that any mother can receive is spending time with her children, but gifts for Mother's Day are traditional, so why not commemorate that time with something sparkling?

Lagos white caviar braceletGiven the busy lives we all lead, and the distance between families, spending time with your mother in person may not always be possible. There's nothing wrong with a phone call and something thoughtful and shiny in the mail, especially if it's something she'll really love and can wear again and again.

Whether your mother never shops for herself or loves to, a thoughtful pair of earrings is always a wonderful gift for mom. Simple studs will suit some and elaborate dangling earrings others, but the important thing is celebrating what makes them... them.

A pendant or chain necklace can be a wonderful tribute to mom. Whenever she puts it around her neck while looking in the mirror, she'll think of you.

Bracelets make wonderful gifts for Mother's Day, as they're a simple way to tell your mom that you remember her and the contributions that she has made to your life.

Mother's Day celebrates all mothers, traditional or otherwise. A gift for your grandmother is also a wonderful token of appreciation—or perhaps you'll choose to honor your adopted mother, or the aunt or older sister who took care of you if your mother wasn't able to be a part of your life.

Whatever your family's unique story might be, Mother's Day is a time for celebrating the incredible women who helped you get to where you are now. Flowers are great, and spending time with her via phone or Skype or in person is an essential part of the day, but your mother knows that you can't always be with her. A gift of jewelry will make her smile when she thinks about you and the way you celebrated her love for you again and again and again.

This Mother's Day, honor your mother with the gift of something beautiful. Come visit TIVOL in the Country Club Plaza and in Overland Park at Hawthorne Plaza.