Historians have several theories concerning the identity of the "Saint Valentine" who inspired the modern holiday of Valentine's Day. Curiously enough, there are several saints named Valentine whose stories of martyrdom involve love, marriage, or romance—and there are even a few pagan wintertime fertility holidays that used to be celebrated around February, too. Whatever the case, Valentine's Day today is all about making time to celebrate that special someone you love!

Typically, Valentine's Day gifts involve delicious chocolates, beautiful flowers, and thoughtful cards. Everyone enjoys those sorts of presents, but it's also good to keep in mind that lasting gifts are a sign of lasting affection. Valentine's Day jewelry gifts are a wonderful and thoughtful way to show your partner how serious you are about your relationship. After all, while flowers fade, jewelry sparkles forever! And whether you're a man—or a woman!—looking to give the gift of fine jewelry in Kansas City, TIVOL can help you find the perfect present for that perfect someone.

While diamond rings and tennis bracelets may steal the limelight during Valentine's Day, there are plenty of gifts a woman can give her significant other to honor their love. A fine watch is a thoughtful and enduring gift that will delight any man. They say you can learn a lot about a man from his watch—so why not make sure your man is sporting a token of your affection on his wrist?

If you're buying your man a timepiece, go big. While a clever little Apple Watch may be the hottest gadget around, a ROLEX or a Cartier watch carries with it a tremendous amount of tradition and history. Luxury timepieces are rooted in art and craftsmanship, and are miracles of engineering. Each timepiece is a symbol of beauty and endurance—a perfect reflection of your relationship.

If you don't think he'll love a wristwatch, consider some other enduring accessory. Men's bracelets are quite fashionable these days, and cufflinks are always appropriate gifts.

It may seem easier to shop for a lady during Valentine's Day. It's true that in general ladies have more options when it comes to jewelry, but at TIVOL gentleman buyers will be spoiled for choice. We have plenty of luxurious options for the lady in your life, including many priced $1000 and under—such as the Lagos Love Knot collection, featuring a ring, a necklace, or earrings. We also carry lovely bracelets, like the David Yurman Chatelaine bracelet and the David Yurman Heart bracelet. Roberto Coin's "Love Letter" necklaces are also perfect for the occasion.

Valentine's Day only comes once a year, and let's face it—even though it's a short month, by the end of February all those chocolates will be gone, and the flower vase will be empty. For those who choose to get their significant other the gift of beautiful jewelry, however, that gift will be treasured all year long—and for years to come.

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