Individuals enjoy feeling that they have a distinct sense of style. We love being the only one in the room, the office or the party with creative style all our own. We take pride in displaying our look through unique expression. Usually this means picking out clothes that reflect our personality and hairstyles that complement us well, but it can also be reflected by more permanent and quality additions to our lives.

Trends come and go, but wedding rings are forever. In the past, individuals would get rings that would not necessarily reflect their personal taste. The modern depictions of today’s couples are allowing both the bride and the groom options and to have more input in how they want to say forever with their partner. They want to celebrate their individuality with wedding rings that are as special and unique as they are.

There are an incredible number of different styles for wedding rings for men and women. Couples who want something unique will not necessarily have to start from scratch. Once you decide on a particular style you can customize from there. If you like the look of traditional wedding rings for women, such as the classic solitaire that may be a family tradition, you can then customize going forward. You can make it your own by choosing a princess, oval, pear or round cut diamond. You can also go with another precious stone entirely by deciding between sapphire, ruby or even a yellow, pink or champagne diamond.

Once you know the sort of precious stones you would like, you can have it set in the setting of your choice. The array of choices could include bezel, tension, channel or halo. You can also do a cluster of stones instead of just one alone. The options are limitless. You can mix it up with different metals and select from yellow, white, or rose gold, platinum or palladium or varying combinations.

Many designers are producing lovely and exceptional pieces of art for men and women. Whether you are looking for vintage inspired designs, art deco masterpieces, Victorian sweetness, modern, intimate details or mixed metals, there’s something out there just for you. Designers such as Rahaminov, Danhov, Jack Kelege and Penny Preville are all producing exquisite work. You may customize these pieces as well.

Every wedding ring is unique the moment it graces your partner’s hand and there are also other ways to make the physical representation of your vows more meaningful. The couple’s lifestyles may be active, creative or more hands on. This might involve a simpler design which could work well with their organic gardening or on the back nine of a golf course. The perfect choice can be done with the guidance of a caring TIVOL associate that will help you identify your forever style and symbolize your lasting commitment.

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