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In 1910, Charles Tivol sat at his gnarled wood bench creating one-of-a-kind pieces for his customers, thus laying the groundwork for TIVOL to showcase its own jewelry. But during the second half of the 20th century, promoting and selling nationally recognized designer names became an industry trend.

For Brian Butler, general manager of TIVOL, placing TIVOL Collection jewelry back in the spotlight with other designers has been a priority. The goal clearly stems from his belief in TIVOL quality, but also from his passion for designing jewelry. "I studied geology as a kid and always had an interest in that field," Butler says. "I really caught the gemstone bug when studying in Brazil during high school. Brazil is home to 50 percent of the world's gem production."

The TIVOL Collection includes a wide spectrum of basics such as cuff links, bracelets and necklaces for both men and women, earrings and one-of-a-kind statement pieces. But for each piece, no matter how large or small, the development process is relatively the same. Butler begins work on a piece by sketching out ideas and inspirations. (In some instances, designs will come directly from a collaboration between a client who wants a custom-made piece and a TIVOL associate.) Once the design is complete and the precious metals and/or jewels are sourced for the particular item, the designs are handed off to Bob Sabata, TIVOL's in-house jeweler who has more than 30 years of jewelry bench experience. Sabata, along with all of the in-house jewelers, works to complete TIVOL designs.
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