Jewelry Appraisal

The reasons to have jewelry appraised are abundant, but with each scenario it's critical to find someone trustworthy and qualified. This is actually a bit trickier than you may think. Unfortunately ANYONE may present themselves to the public as a personal property appraiser. Only real property appraisers (real estate) are licensed, which leaves it up to you to qualify the appraiser that you retain. There is much confusion about the jewelry industry regarding this issue. It's often necessary to receive an accurate appraisal for the following reasons:

Insurance replacement: obtaining an accurate and detailed report that will assure proper replacement in case of a loss

Divorce, Collateral: a professional report suitable for submission in court

Estate Tax, Donation, Casualty Loss: an IRS compliant reports to assist in tax filing

Equitable Distribution: providing information to allow for equitable division of collections to family

Liquidation: research secondary markets to inform and assist in selling of assets


It's important to note that working within the jewelry industry by buying and selling jewelry does not make one an appraiser, nor should appraising be treated as an inalienable right that comes with the job. Appraising is a profession, just as a doctor, lawyer, or CPA,where one must be educated and tested. Unfortunately, as of today, there is no overseeing body to administer government testing and licensing (just like dentistry before the American Dental Association was formed), therefore, anyone can hold himself or herself out as a personal property appraiser. BEWARE! It is up to you to separate the “quacks” from the professionals. At TIVOL, we approach jewelry appraisals with the same high standards that we set for ourselves in other areas of our business.