Behind the Scenes | Inventory & Appraisals

There is a lot that goes into the brand of TIVOL. Our stores are able to showcase a wide variety of jewelry, keeping everything meticulously organized, because of the hard work put in by our Inventory team! The task of receiving and maintaining our inventory has become more straightforward and efficient because of their efforts to streamline processes. Our customer satisfaction has improved with accelerated shipping times and the ability to accurately represent our products online!

Equally as important is our team of appraisal experts who accurately evaluate and test jewelry items. Jewelry appraisal services can provide peace of mind for customers during unfortunate or life-changing events. TIVOL’s highly-qualified jewelry appraisers are unbiased when it comes to assigning value through the appraisal process, so customers are assured that they’re getting the fairest appraisal possible for their item in every situation.

Inventory Team

Ward Manes - Buyer

I’ve worked for TIVOL for about 20 years with two breaks in my tenure.  I initially came to TIVOL because a friend of mine worked here, and told me how fun it was. I was raised in Lee’s Summit but have since lived in LA, Palm Desert, St. Louis and NYC. I am the buyer now, and I enjoy helping TIVOL acquire the most beautiful pieces of jewelry to sell our customers. In the past I have also been a salesperson, assistant manager and manager. I have also worked on the other side as a sales rep for a jewelry brand. Having such a variety of experience helps me do the best job possible for TIVOL

The thing I enjoy most about TIVOL are the relationships… between co-workers and customers.

When I'm not working away, I enjoy updating my 100 year old home, gardening, watching movies and... most importantly, spoiling my three grand nieces!

Tami Noon-Mahaney - Inventory Manager

It is hard to believe I've been at TIVOL for almost 15 years now! Time has flown by! At TIVOL, I've spent most of those years on the sales floor at Hawthorne Plaza. I enjoyed helping customers get engaged, see them marry, and then help them celebrate all of the special moments life continued to bring. Now though, I've taken on a different role, and I'm loving it! I am now the Inventory Manager. We have an amazing inventory team that works incredibly hard to make sure our customers have options to celebrate those big milestones in life. I also focus on  special orders, so when a customer wants to make a special engagement ring or necklace for a loved one, I'm there to help! So I still get to be a part of those amazing moments, which I love.

When I'm not working, I'm busy with my seven grandkids. There is never a dull moment with them! We enjoy going to the lake when the weather is nice. I love spending time outside. In fact I even grow several of my own herbs, which helps because I like cooking and trying new recipes.

TIVOL is a special place. We are like family here, and I'm so happy to be a part of it!

Cindy Rowatt - Watch Inventory Specialist

I moved to Kansas City with my family in 1986 and went to high school here. After attending college in Nebraska, I decided to return to Kansas City. I have been at TIVOL for 21 years, but I've worked in the jewelry industry for 28 years, starting in college. When I first started at TIVOL, I worked in the back office. I am currently part of the inventory team at TIVOL, specializing in watches.

I feel very lucky to work for a small family owned business. It is a great atmosphere to be a part of. Everyone truly works as a team and helps one another!

I am married with one daughter who is now in college. When I'm not at TIVOL, I enjoy watching my daughter compete in track and cross country. My family also loves vacationing and getting to see the beauty in our country. 

David Ferguson - Inventory Specialist

It is hard to believe I have been at TIVOL for 13 years! After working for various luxury brands in Dallas, Las Vegas, New York, and Aspen, I decided I wanted to move closer to my hometown of Lindsborg, KS. I'm so glad that when I decided to move to Kansas City, I knew someone who knew someone who knew someone to get my foot in the door and an interview at TIVOL.

Initially, I started on the sales floor, then transitioned to the inventory auditor. But after being in charge of 10 of our "end-of-year" inventories, I decided I needed a change of pace. I was ready for something a bit more relaxing and less stressful. Working in the Inventory Department, I am responsible for receiving and finding merchandise for staff and customers. We have such an awesome team; the people I work with are amazing! I cannot get enough of the fabulous merchandise that we have here! None of it’s mine, but it can be fun to play with and dream!!!

When I'm not working, I am a real home body, think I got that from my folks. Almost nothing was more important to them than family and home. After almost 40 years in retail with the fast pace and craziness I love what I’m doing now. Being an only child, I love the spot light, but it’s nice to be working behind the scenes now. Not proud to admit this, but I do have four cats… Just call me the crazy cat man. But, living alone it is nice to come home to something that needs me, or pretends to until I feed them. At TIVOL, I go by the nickname “Fergie” (Since my last name is Ferguson). Now I find myself not answering to my actual first name, David! I guess age is catching up to me!

Hallie Tendall - Inventory Specialist

I have lived most of my life in Iowa, but in 2013 my now husband and I decided to move to Kansas City to open a bar and restaurant. Thanks to our great staff, in 2015 I was able to start my career at TIVOL. I started as an administrative assistant, but as I grew in my role I wanted to learn more. I now work in the inventory department. We have such an amazing team. We get along so well, and really look after one another. The focus of my role is processing stock items. When we get new items in, I verify all of the information and get the item processed into our system. This helps the sales associates have the most accurate info when selling an item.

I enjoy working with all the beautiful pieces of jewelry and working with such great people. TIVOL truly is a family business. We are a family and that's what I love about it here!

In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family, friends, and our three dogs.

Appraisal Team

Lindsay Ross - Lead Appraiser

I have now been at TIVOL for six years. I came to work at TIVOL after taking some time off after my son was born. I always wanted to work for TIVOL because they are a leader in the jewelry industry. I grew up in Wichita and moved to California with my family in 2002 where I attended GIA. My parents retired to the Lake of the Ozarks in 2005, so I moved to Kansas City at that time. I am an appraiser and diamond buyer. The thing I most enjoy about working at TIVOL is the people. I genuinely look forward to coming to work every day.

I’m very active and passionate about health and fitness. I spend most of my free time at the lake with my family.   

Amber Cousins - Appraiser

Two years ago, one of my good friends who worked at TIVOL suggested I check it out, because they loved working here. It looked like an amazing opportunity, so I went for it! I am so glad I did. Originally from Wichita, I came to Kansas City in 2001 to work for a local jewelry chain. I learned a lot that helps me do well in my role here at TIVOL.

At TIVOL, I wear several hats. My main role is to assist with our jewelry appraising, but I also oversee our supply ordering, and act as support for our back office team.

I enjoy the simplicity of working for a family owned business. I’m a very grounded person that thrives on teamwork and connection. I have a passion for understanding the human condition and am always embracing my curiosity via connection, storytelling and learning.

At home I love to read, write, and work on my skills as a life coach. I also spend time outdoors and with family and friends.


As you can see we have an amazing support staff that works diligently behind the scenes to make sure TIVOL is operating flawlessly! We are so proud of our employees and their constant dedication to their work.

Thanks for all you do!

- The TIVOL Team