Celebrate Father's Day

Everyone thinks of something different when they think of what their father means to them. Maybe you think of him teaching you how to ride a bike, throw a baseball, or mow the lawn. Maybe he took you out for ice cream after every T-ball game. Maybe he gave you good advice about the boy or the girl you were infatuated with… and regardless of the outcome, he was probably right, right? And even if your father isn't the man who gave you life, he's the one who's proud of your accomplishments and stands by you whatever comes your way.

Father's Day is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate Dad, and the best way to do that is with your time. Take him to dinner at his favorite restaurant, no matter if it's haute cuisine or the best barbecue joint in downtown Kansas City. Watch his favorite movie with him, even if you've seen it a thousand times and know all the lines by heart.

TIVOL carries a wonderful variety of fine wristwatches. Watches are a great way to mark any special occasion. By gifting dad with a watch, he will think of you every time he looks at his wrist.

Check out several watch options here. We also carry Rolex, TUDORPatek Philippe, and Cartier.

Did you know that TIVOL not only carries Shinola watches, but also a variety of classic leather wallets? Shinola creates items that are built to last and they stand behind the quality craftsmanship of everything they make. Shinola utilizes handmade production processes for their watches and leather goods. Another wonderful gift option for dad! Check out the Shinola wallets available at TIVOL, here.

A fine pen is always a great gift idea. There is something special about having your own pen, versus the one you accidentally took home from the bank or found in the office supply room. Did you know TIVOL offers a wide selection of fine pens by Faber-Castell?

Though underrated in this digital era, pens bring a sense of creativity to the table - inspiring writing, doodling, and more. No matter how high-tech the job at hand, everybody needs a pen to take notes! Shop Pens.

Cufflinks are a popular, and slightly more elevated,  alternative to traditional buttons that are sewn onto many shirt cuffs. The main difference is that cufflinks are removable while buttons are not. However, just like buttons, cufflinks can be designed in various sizes, styles, colors, and the materials used can vary. Cufflinks can range in formality, some with more natural elements such as the turquoise cufflinks featured above. Others may be a bit dressier incorporating precious gemstones such as diamonds or sapphires. 

An article from "The Modern Gentleman" states, "We all know that one gentleman who seemingly has everything money could buy and who presents a dilemma every time a gift-giving occasion arises. Chances are, however, that he would be delighted with a new set of cufflinks. Ties can quickly fall into the realm of endless repetition, but like jewelry, cufflinks offer you endless options for new styles to suit various tastes and occasions. Even if the gentleman receiving the gift already owns an extensive collection of cufflinks, it probably won’t be hard to find a new pair to add to his collection."

You can see many of the cufflinks TIVOL has to offer, here.

They say "Dogs are a man's best friend." If your dad is a dog lover and has some furry friends at home, these personalized Pet Name Tags make a great gift! $75 of this purchase will be donated to KC Pet Project, to help their efforts, rescuing and aiding animals in need throughout the Kansas City area.

No matter what your dad's style is, you can find the perfect gift at TIVOL. If you wish to have your selection engraved, TIVOL's jewelers will be happy to do so. A short message of appreciation, or even just his name or monogram, will show you put the extra effort into making him feel special on his special day.

Help your father celebrate Father's Day in style. Visit TIVOL in Kansas City at the Country Club Plaza or in Overland Park at Hawthorne Plaza for a grand selection of gifts that will be sure to please.