Designer Spotlight | Robert Procop

At an early age, Robert Procop found himself captivated by the most mysterious and coveted of all jewels – the diamond – inspiring a lifelong passion, which has seen him explore the globe in pursuit of the rarest gemstones.

During his teenage years, Robert began demonstrating such remarkable acumen as a gemstone trader that he was able to fully support himself while attending university. During this time, he opened his first retail store "Diamonds on Rodeo", on Rodeo Drive in the heart of Beverly Hills. It was there he created unique jewels for elite clientele and secured his first presidential commission with President Ronald Reagan, which solidified his reputation as both a trusted and innovative jeweler.

Robert Procop is considered one of the world’s leading experts in diamonds and color stones. Robert’s relationship with gem mines, laboratories, and museums around the world, has elevated him to the status of one of the world’s premier color stone experts. He has been bequeathed the honor of writing the next edition of Famous Diamonds, considered “the bible” of the jewelry industry. Robert’s mission is to find the most unique, natural color diamonds and gemstones the world has ever seen.  

Robert examines every characteristic of a gem. He understands that each one is precious and has its own influences and elements. He starts his process by carefully organizing each stone by brilliance, tone, saturation, and shape in order to form a spectrum of colors that will compliment a woman’s femininity. He then drafts the initial sketch, and refines and calibrates that design down to its finest details. Eighty-five percent of Robert’s creations are one-of-a-kind; fifteen percent are limited editions. Many of his designs take over a year to complete.

Robert travels the world in search of the finest, untreated natural gems. Following this discovery stage, each gem undergoes extensive in-house laboratory color testing using several different light sources. Robert will also use multiple instruments to study every gem. From the initial color grading process to the clarity inspection, he will examine every aspect before sending a gem off to some of the world’s most renowned gemological laboratories for grading and certification.

Robert had the pleasure of knowing Harold Tivol. Harold and Cathy brought Robert in as part of the Tivol family. Cathy always remarked how Harold gave Robert the best compliment she ever heard him give anyone, “These are the finest jewels I’ve ever seen in my life.” To this day, TIVOL remains one of Robert’s most supportive and cherished partners.

TIVOL is proud to offer a stunning selection of jewelry designed by Robert Procop. Check out some of the collection here, or visit us on the Country Club Plaza to view the beautiful designs.