Emerald | The Birthstone of May

The May birthstone will have you seeing green from envy. The emerald is one of the most highly prized gems and May babies have the good fortune of calling it theirs! 

Emeralds are known as the gemstone for those born in the spring. For these people, the emerald is thought to bring renewed life force, success in new beginnings and good health. The emerald is also said to help the wearer see things clearly and rationally, and encourages meditation and reflection, bringing out natural curiosity for life!

Emeralds have a vibrant green color that creates beautiful  statement jewelry. The gorgeous green hue has beautified many pieces of value throughout the history. Its name comes from the ancient Greek word for green, “smaragdus.” 

The first known emerald mines were in Egypt, dating from at least 330 BCE into the 1700s. Did you know that the emerald was one of Cleopatra's favorite gems? She had a passion for the vibrant green gem. The Egyptians used emeralds as fashionable adornments as well as part of their elaborate burials. They would often bury these gemstones with monarchs as a symbol of security and protection.

Through the ages, many have believed that the emerald can reveal true love and bring partners closer together. While the ruby is known to be the stone of passionate love, the emerald is known to be the stone of faithful, deep and mature love. For these reasons, the emerald is a great gemstone to present to a loved one for an or anniversary, or as a promise ring. TIVOL offers several wonderful emerald rings.

Many believe emeralds to have a soothing energy that brings freshness and vitality to the spirit of the wearer. It is said that a stone which embodies patience and compassion also bestows the wearer with those same qualities, while enhancing mental clarity and focus. When kept in the workplace, the emerald has an energy that promotes creativity and harmony among team members. It is thought to bring focus and activate creativity. If you want to take a deep dive into some legendary beliefs about the gem, some believed that placing an emerald under the tongue gave the wearer the ability to foresee the future, reveal truths and be protected against evil spells.

These days, emeralds are as precious as ever. In fact, emeralds with just the right shade and transparency can be more valuable than a diamond.  Emeralds are technically a type of beryl. What gives emeralds their vibrant green color is the presence of chromium, and sometimes vanadium. When beryl possesses a rich, mostly green color it is considered and emerald - and is quite rare and difficult to find. The brightest emeralds are currently found in Brazil, Columbia and Zambia. That is quite a way to go to find the beautiful green gem. TIVOL has a wonderful collection of emerald jewelry. Stop in to either location to see all of the designs.