Jaguars, Eagles, and Diamonds: Unique Jewelry Pieces You’re Going to Love

Nestled in between a home organization store and a bank, across from Town Center Plaza, sits a beautiful family owned luxury jewelry store. TIVOL’s Leawood location has been serving clients since 1994 and consistently offers thousands of beautiful pieces to add to your personal jewelry collection. New to the TIVOL blog, our Friday Finds Series is here to highlight unique jewelry you can find inside the store.


Today’s spotlight includes two looks from an incredible, world renowned jewelry designer…and we think you’re going to love taking a peek at our Coin collection:


Roberto Coin Jaguar Cuff Bracelet

 We know what you’re thinking, “a Jaguar, in America?”; and it’s true!

 When we first found this Roberto Coin Jaguar bracelet, we were captivated by its uniqueness and the intricate details that make up the piece. We’ve partnered this whimsical cuff with a yellow gold necklace and diamond earrings to offer up a look that can be worn with either your everyday attire or dressed up for special occasions.


 Fun Fact: Jaguars existed in the American Southwest until westward expansion drove them out in the 1800’s.


Roberto Coin Eagle Necklace

 Known for symbolizing leadership and authority, Eagles have historically been respected and revered across cultures.

 This stunning necklace honors the incredible bird in a unique way that provides you with the chance to make a statement of your own. We’ve paired the Roberto Coin Eagle Necklace with two beautiful diamond bracelets and a set of earrings that will complete your little black dress look for a night out in Kansas City.

 Fun Fact: The American Bald Eagle symbolizes strength, courage, and freedom. 


We love that Roberto Coin’s collection provides you with the chance to combine beautiful pieces that can be frequently incorporated into your looks with the more unique statement pieces that transform an outfit into something truly fabulous.


Among our favorite things about Coin’s collection is the hidden ruby that is included in every single one of his designs, an offering of well wishes straight from the designer to you.


Ready to build your own Coin collection?