Rubies | Birthstone for July

When thinking about our birthday and the birthstones that often pop up as suggested gifts, we don't often think about the deeper history behind it all. Every month we'll highlight that month's birthstone, giving the history and symbolism of that stone.

We're kicking things off with rubies for the month of July!

The History of Rubies

Because of their vibrant beauty and rarity, rubies have accumulated many legends and superstitions over the centuries. Rubies were originally discovered in India over 2000 years ago. To this day, a majority of rubies in the world originate from Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, India, Myanmar, and Cambodia.  

For rubies, it is the color, more so than their clarity, which makes them so valuable. This is greatly determined by where the rubies are found. Rubies can be many shades or tones of red. They can range from a vibrant orange-red color to tones that are almost purple in hue. Most of the rubies that are sourced for traditional jewelry come from Southeast Asia and Mozambique. African rubies are often more pink in hue, while Thai and Burmese rubies often lean toward a vibrant red hue.

Ruby Folklore

For centuries, rubies have been believed to be the source of power, wealth and happiness. Some even believe rubies to have healing properties and feel rubies can improve circulation.

Folklore in India had many people believe that rubies enabled their owners to live in peace with their enemies. In Burmaa ruby source since at least 600 CE now called Myanmarwarriors possessed rubies to make them invincible in battle. A similar reference was even made in the Wizard of Oz with Dorothy's Ruby slippers, which were said to protect her on her journey through Oz.  For many, a ruby amulet, pendant, or charm was believed to bestow harmony, success, emotional balance, and contentment to the person wearing the jewelry. 

During the Middle Ages rubies were thought to predict impending danger by turning a darker color. Worn by kings throughout history, cherished the world-over, and the ultimate symbol of love and passion, the ruby has a distinctive history. Whether you believe in its mystical powers or simply love the mesmerizing, deep-red color, the ruby is a truly magical jewel.

Did you know?

Rubies are the traditional gift for a anniversary milestones such as the 15th and 40th anniversary. Keep that in mind if you have an anniversary coming up!

The largest ruby ever discovered is known as the 125West Ruby. It weighs 8.2 pounds, which roughly translates to 18,696 carats. That's big!

The most expensive ruby ever sold was the Sunrise Ruby which was 25.59 carat and sold for $30 Million. The Sun Rise ruby is special because of the purity of the color and clarity. Originating from Mogok, Burma, it is said to be one of the most beautiful and rare ruby specimens ever discovered.

Ruby is the birthstone for July and represents nobility, purity and passion.

Other Birthstones for July

Onyx stones come in a variety of colors, from black to white to yellow and more. Onyx is considered a protective stone, meant to guard the wearer from intruders or people who may cause them harm. Onyx can also be used to enhance a person's physical strength.

Turquoise is a stunning blue/green stone that is found in many Native American artifacts. It is associated with an improvement in mental health, preventing panic attacks, mood swings, and post-traumatic stress. Turquoise is said to give the wearer clarity and a pure frame of mind.

So how can you pick the birthstone that is right for you? It is all a matter of personal style. You are always welcome to come into TIVOL to try on different looks to see what feels like the best fit.