Treat Yourself!

While buying and receiving a beautiful piece of jewelry or fine timepiece as a token of love and commitment is still extremely special, recently more and more people are buying these items as gift for themselves. Men and women alike want something special to mark their success, hard work, represent important personal and professional milestones, and to reflect their personal taste. At TIVOL, we are all for celebrating special occasions big and small. Why wait for a holiday or anniversary? Sometimes you just need to treat yourself!

Even in the late 1990's Harold Tivol knew the joy of treating yourself. We love looking back at this TV ad, because it is just as applicable today! We have seen a growing number of clients come in to the store 'just because'. There is a large population of 'self-purchasers' on the rise, especially women.

If you've been thinking about taking the plunge, you're not alone. This rise of the so-called self-purchasing woman is significant. The trend marks a newfound confidence in women. Gone are the days where women who treated themselves to jewelry felt compelled to lie because they were embarrassed that a man was not buying it for them. Women are now flaunting self-purchased jewels proudly. Self-gifting of a watch or jewelry is not only a fail-safe way of making sure you get what you want, but it’s also a declaration of power and independence.

Jewelry and watches can be a strong statement for those who have decided to treat themselves. The longevity of the piece, made from precious metals such as platinum, gold or silver, and sometimes set with dazzling gemstones, often makes a persuasive case for purchase. These items can be worn repeatedly, with a range of different outfits, and for almost any occasion. And in the end, those special pieces can be passed on to the next generation.

No matter the occasion TIVOL is here to help you treat yourself! We have a large selection of fine timepieces and jewelry that are sure to compliment any style and budget. Browse the collections on our website or visit us at either of our locations in the Kansas City area. You deserve it!