We Carry a Fine Assortment of Armenta Spanish Jewelry

Emily Armenta, who was born into a family of artists, has been imagining and creating designs for jewelry since she first learned about gemstones during her childhood.

Since then, Armenta’s aesthetic has evolved and matured, and she has found deeper inspiration after reading the poetry of Fedrico Garcia Lorca. A Spanish writer, Lorca wrote about a creative force that dwells within all of us, known as duende. According to the author, duende “is a power and not a behavior; it is the struggle that one must endure to create something of greatness.” Armenta believes in this principle and uses it as a starting point for her creative process, which she describes as the search for a deeper meaning behind art.

Her passion for Spanish literature — mixed with her own feminine sensibilities — results in a look that is composed of striking, ethereal designs, primarily made of 18K and 22K yellow gold, 18K rose gold and “midnight” oxidized sterling silver with diamonds and gemstones. In the case of both yellow and rose golds, Armenta mixes her own metals in order to acquire the exact color she has envisioned. “I am inspired by the creativity that surrounds me on a daily basis,” says Armenta. “Spending time at my studio provides an incredible opportunity for me to invent and create something that can never be duplicated. Furthermore, the studio is a magical place for me, as I am able to see firsthand how believing in duende can make the impossible become a reality.”
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