We Carry a Large Selection of Jewelmer Pearl Jewelry

Jewelmer is an international luxury brand based in the Philippines with a commitment to raising the world's most lustrous, cultured, South Sea pearls. Established by a French pearl farmer and a Filipino entrepreneur, Jewelmer has created a distinctive style combining French design and Asian sensibilities.

In November 2013, the destructive forces of Typhoon Haiyan devastated the Philippines, taking thousands of lives. While some farms were damaged, Jewelmer was able to protect the majority of the company's oyster beds from harm. Even more importantly, no Jewelmer employees were killed in the storm.

To assist with the rebuilding of the homes of Jewelmer’s employees, as well as to help nurture the oyster beds back to health, TIVOL and its staff banded together to make a financial contribution toward relief efforts in December 2013.
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