A Visit With Designer Marco Bicego

A Visit With Designer Marco Bicego

By: Marketing Department

From the TIVOL team...

Eighteen months ago I sat across from Marco Bicego while he (and I) wolfed down delicious ribs, BBQ beef, etc., after his first personal appearance at TIVOL.

He was so happy – he took pictures with his phone. Little did I know that I had found a kindred foodie spirit. Marco loves food – all food – AND he’s an accomplished cook. I promised him more barbeque the next time he comes to Kansas City for an event, so now that we’re about 24 hours out from his next personal appearance at TIVOL, I hope he’s fasting in preparation.

Marco’s jewelry has always been a huge personal favorite, and here’s why. It’s just plain easy… easy to throw on, mix with other pieces I own, and feel like I’m “put together” and chic when it’s on. The brand’s signature hand-carved engraving sets it apart from the pack and, because of this, it stands out. Marco Bicego is a perfect brand to layer, layer, layer – the collections go beautifully together.  My favorite is the Lunaria collection – modern with irregular organic shapes.

I can’t wait to see his latest designs when hes back in town again. I’m ready for a new piece. Or two. Or three. And the same goes for barbeque ribs.